Danka Kordas - potrait photography

All you need to know

Imagining yourself in front of the camera brings sparkles of excitement. At the same time, you may have some questions about what the experience involves or feels like. Have a look at the typical questions other women have asked before our photoshoots to put your mind at ease.

What does the experience feel like?

I fully understand how vulnerable it feels to find yourself in front of the camera, not knowing what to do with your hands, your face, your hair…! You can let that go - I've got you!

I gently guide you through all the poses and provide you with time and space to embrace your beauty, celebrate your uniqueness, and give yourself priority to be and even to heal.

What does the photoshoot experience include?

Our first meeting is the consultation. It is the time when we plan the look and vibe of the session. We talk about outfits, make-up and hair as well as your dreams and desires. Those aspects of yourself you’re longing to re-connect with and the feeling you’re looking to receive from the finished portraits.

On our photoshoot day we have around 4-5 hours together. We take our time, unwind, and enjoy the process as we move through the prepared outfits and try out different ways of capturing your essence.

After the session, you will be invited for a viewing appointment to experience your portraits for the first time and make your selections.

The selected portraits will be printed on a professional, high quality photography paper and  either placed in a beautiful folio box or enclosed in an elegant frame ready to take a proud place in your home.

How do you create an intimate environment in the studio?

In front of my camera, you are seen and heard for who you are - not you playing a character.

The goal is not to capture anything from you that isn't already there. So, there is no artificial posing.

There is simply the glow of the light, the warmth of my curiosity, and your full presence.

I offer you space to self-connect, to express all parts of you, and to see where the process takes you.

How does a session allow me to reconnect to myself?

I believe women are like diamonds with different sides in and out of focus at different times in our lives.

A portrait photoshoot can help you to reconnect to your sensuality and self-expression.

The photos remind you of the different angles of yourself that you miss - whether it's your edginess and strength or your softness and vulnerability.

When you feel lost or disempowered, you can look at your photo and think, "Hey! I'm also like that!".